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This is a test version of The COVID Tracking Project website. Data may be inaccurate. Visit the live site

What We’re Made Of

We would like to thank the following companies for donating their services to our project:

The COVID Tracking Project is a group effort, with code hosted on GitHub including but not limited to these repositories:

  • COVID Tracking

    • Developed by Zach Lipton, Josh Ellington, and Ken Riley.
    • Detects changes to health department pages using (our fork of) URL Watch and reports them to a Slack channel to notify us for further analysis.
  • URL Watch

    • Developed by Zach Lipton and Josh Ellington.
    • Fork of original urlwatch repo, which includes headless browser mode and custom reporting functions specific to our project.
  • COVID Tracking API

    • Developed by Kai Curry.
    • Cloudflare Worker that exposes our data as JSON or CSV over HTTP.
  • The COVID Tracking Project website

    • Developed by Mat Marquis, Lucas Gonze, and Ethan Marcotte with boosts from Kai Curry.
    • Our public website,
  • COVID Tracking data pipeline

    • Developed by Joshua Ellinger and in small part by Julia Kodysh.
    • HTML scanner/extraction pipeline that processes state data sites and saves the data to the repo. Additionally, backs up screenshot images of state data sites to Amazon S3 for later reference.
  • URLWatch proxies

    • Developed by Joshua Ellinger.
    • A flask website that provides several services in support of the HTML scanner/extraction pipeline for state data: caching, another view on parts of the public Google spreadsheet, ability to view historical HTML data.
  • COVID Tracking data

    • Developed by Julia Kodysh.
    • GitHub backup for versioning the contents of our public Google spreadsheet data in CSV format.
  • COVID 19 crawler

    • Developed by Danny Yang.
    • Uses Ruby to crawl state websites and publish data to
  • COVID Tracking dash app

    • Owner: Eric Czech.

Satellite Projects