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This is a test version of The COVID Tracking Project website. Data may be inaccurate. Visit the live site

Our public data API provides access to all of our data at a national and state level. We provide data in both JSON and CSV format.

All dates and times are in US eastern time (ET). Each state has its own set of caveats, which we have documented on our data page.

Our data is provided under our project-wide data license.


For a complete list of endpoints and their responses, use our API sandbox

  • Current state data - /api/v1/states/current JSON and CSV
  • Historic state data - /api/v1/states/daily JSON and CSV
  • State information - /api/v1/states/info JSON and CSV
  • Current US data - /api/v1/us/current JSON and CSV
  • Historic US data - /api/v1/us/daily JSON and CSV
  • Tracker URLs - /api/v1/urls JSON and CSV
  • Screenshots of state webpages - /api/v1/states/screenshots JSON and CSV

Deprecated fields

The following fields are deprecated and are no longer being updated with new data.


  • positiveScore
  • negativeScore
  • negativeRegularScore
  • commercialScore
  • score
  • grade - Use dataQualityGrade instead
  • total


  • posNeg
  • total

Changes and additions

Any field which is deprecated will be noted on this page, and no longer updated. The most recent values will be kept for two weeks, then “zeroed out.”

New fields may be added without warning, but will not alter the structure of the data. If you are using CSV files, make sure to use the column names from the file to lookup data, not the column numbers, which can change.


You can view our current uptime and any known issues on our status page.