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Current data quality grade:Grade A+

Dashboard now has a new tab that details total tested. Negative = Total - Positive. We do not currently track it, but hospitalization and ICU data is available from Maricopa County and Pima County. As of May 8, Arizona is reporting specimens tested, including both PCR and serology tests. Because some people may be tested more than once, this number is probably higher than the number of people tested

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4:01 pm EDT
PositiveTestsNegativeTestsPendingTestsCurrentlyHospitalizedCumulativeHospitalizedCurrentlyIn ICUCumulativeIn ICUCurrentlyOn VentilatorCumulativeOn VentilatorRecoveredOutcomesDeathsOutcomesPositive + NegativeTotal Test Results
Last updated: Sat May 16 2020 12:00 am EDT


DateScreenshots (EDT)New TestsPositiveNegativePendingHospitalizedDeathsTotal
Sat May 16 20204,78713,631133,157N/A1,683679146,788
Fri May 15 20207,66313,169128,832N/A1,629651142,001
Thu May 14 20206,58812,674121,664N/A1,636624134,338
Wed May 13 20204,90812,176115,574N/A1,590594127,750
Tue May 12 20206,37811,736111,106N/A1,564562122,842
Mon May 11 20206,08711,380105,084N/A1,537542116,464
Sun May 10 20204,56711,11999,258N/A1,528536110,377
Sat May 9 20204,68510,96094,850N/A1,514532105,810
Fri May 8 20204,69110,52690,599N/A1,482517101,125
Thu May 7 20204,6979,94586,489N/A1,44945096,434
Wed May 6 20203,4779,70782,030N/A1,43042691,737
Tue May 5 20203,0079,30578,955N/A1,39739588,260
Mon May 4 20204,1348,91976,334N/A1,35736285,253
Sun May 3 20203,1228,64072,479N/A1,34836281,119
Sat May 2 20203,1188,36469,633N/A1,33934877,997
Fri May 1 20203,0937,96266,917N/A1,20333074,879
Thu Apr 30 20202,9737,64864,138N/A1,16932071,786
Wed Apr 29 20201,3757,20261,611N/A1,13130468,813
Tue Apr 28 20208956,94860,490N/A1,09529367,438
Mon Apr 27 20201,7326,71659,827N/A1,05127566,543
Sun Apr 26 20202,3036,52658,285N/A1,03727564,811
Sat Apr 25 20201,7946,28056,228N/A1,02226662,508
Fri Apr 24 20202,0176,04554,669N/A98426660,714
Thu Apr 23 20202,0965,76952,928N/AN/A24958,697
Wed Apr 22 20201,4495,45951,142N/AN/A22956,601
Tue Apr 21 20206525,25149,901N/AN/A20855,152
Mon Apr 20 20201,5105,06449,436N/AN/A18754,500
Sun Apr 19 20201,9454,92948,061N/AN/A18452,990
Sat Apr 18 20201,8154,71946,326N/AN/A17751,045
Fri Apr 17 20201,8324,50744,723N/AN/A16949,230
Thu Apr 16 20202,0884,23443,164N/AN/A15047,398
Wed Apr 15 20201,2143,96241,348N/AN/A14245,310
Tue Apr 14 20207493,80640,290N/AN/A13144,096
Mon Apr 13 20201,2383,70239,645N/AN/A12243,347
Sun Apr 12 20201,5793,53938,570N/AN/A11542,109
Sat Apr 11 20202,7963,39337,137N/AN/A10840,530
Fri Apr 10 20205563,11234,622N/AN/A9737,734
Thu Apr 9 20202,6143,01834,160N/AN/A8937,178
Wed Apr 8 20201,1892,72631,838N/AN/A8034,564
Tue Apr 7 20208412,57530,800N/AN/A7333,375
Mon Apr 6 20205,1242,45630,078N/AN/A6532,534
Sun Apr 5 20202502,26925,141N/AN/A6427,410
Sat Apr 4 20202,4872,01925,141N/AN/A5227,160
Fri Apr 3 20201,9641,76922,904N/AN/A4124,673
Thu Apr 2 20201,6511,59821,111N/AN/A3222,709
Wed Apr 1 20201,6871,41319,645N/AN/A2921,058
Tue Mar 31 20202,6121,28918,082N/AN/A2419,371
Mon Mar 30 20202,8871,15715,602N/AN/A2016,759
Sun Mar 29 20205,54491912,953N/AN/A1713,872
Sat Mar 28 20201378737,45521N/A158,328
Fri Mar 27 20207,2677367,45530N/A138,191
Thu Mar 26 202015157734733N/A8924
Wed Mar 25 202010345032353N/A6773
Tue Mar 24 20209635731322N/A5670
Mon Mar 23 20201402653096N/A2574
Sun Mar 22 20209015228287N/A2434
Sat Mar 21 202068104240122N/A1344
Fri Mar 20 20205765211101N/A0276
Thu Mar 19 20204344175130N/A0219
Wed Mar 18 20201428148102N/A0176
Tue Mar 17 2020192014266N/A0162
Mon Mar 16 2020101812563N/A0143
Sun Mar 15 202001212150N/A0133
Sat Mar 14 2020301212150N/A0133
Fri Mar 13 20201299440N/A0103
Thu Mar 12 20202398224N/AN/A91
Wed Mar 11 20201195932N/AN/A68
Tue Mar 10 2020865127N/AN/A57
Mon Mar 9 202005447N/AN/A49
Sun Mar 8 202005447N/AN/A49
Sat Mar 7 2020135447N/AN/A49
Fri Mar 6 2020633315N/AN/A36
Thu Mar 5 202012286N/AN/A30
Wed Mar 4 2020N/A2275N/AN/A29