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Current data quality grade:Grade B

California has been inconsistent in its timing of reporting. We used faster-updating sources until 4/1, when we standardized on its new data dashboards. This led to a drop in cases and deaths, as the state's data lags county sources. The state reported a huge batch of negative tests on April 4 and again on April 22. As of April 22, California now reports specimens tested instead of people tested. Because some people may be tested more than once, this number is probably higher than the number of people tested.

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4:01 pm EDT
PositiveTestsNegativeTestsPendingTestsCurrentlyHospitalizedCumulativeHospitalizedCurrentlyIn ICUCumulativeIn ICUCurrentlyOn VentilatorCumulativeOn VentilatorRecoveredOutcomesDeathsOutcomesPositive + NegativeTotal Test Results
Last updated: Sat May 16 2020 12:00 am EDT


DateScreenshots (EDT)New TestsPositiveNegativePendingHospitalizedDeathsTotal
Sat May 16 202045,22076,7931,102,333N/AN/A3,2041,179,126
Fri May 15 202029,25574,9361,058,970N/AN/A3,1081,133,906
Thu May 14 202039,05973,1641,031,487N/AN/A3,0321,104,651
Wed May 13 202032,22271,141994,451N/AN/A2,9341,065,592
Tue May 12 202041,47369,382963,988N/AN/A2,8471,033,370
Mon May 11 202036,23367,939923,958N/AN/A2,770991,897
Sun May 10 202043,09466,680888,984N/AN/A2,745955,664
Sat May 9 202037,29864,561848,009N/AN/A2,678912,570
Fri May 8 202032,39862,512812,760N/AN/A2,585875,272
Thu May 7 202033,83860,614782,260N/AN/A2,504842,874
Wed May 6 202029,13458,815750,221N/AN/A2,412809,036
Tue May 5 202032,02856,212723,690N/AN/A2,317779,902
Mon May 4 202032,12354,937692,937N/AN/A2,254747,874
Sun May 3 202028,94853,616662,135N/AN/A2,215715,751
Sat May 2 202031,81852,197634,606N/AN/A2,171686,803
Fri May 1 202029,64850,442604,543N/AN/A2,073654,985
Thu Apr 30 202022,19848,917576,420N/AN/A1,982625,337
Wed Apr 29 202025,53146,500556,639N/AN/A1,887603,139
Tue Apr 28 202024,19945,031532,577N/AN/A1,809577,608
Mon Apr 27 202027,32543,464509,945N/AN/A1,755553,409
Sun Apr 26 202020,04942,164483,920N/AN/A1,710526,084
Sat Apr 25 202011,86241,137464,898N/AN/A1,651506,035
Fri Apr 24 202012,07639,254454,919N/AN/A1,562494,173
Thu Apr 23 202016,77037,369444,728N/AN/A1,469482,097
Wed Apr 22 2020165,22735,396429,931N/AN/A1,354465,327
Tue Apr 21 20209,60033,261266,839N/AN/A1,268300,100
Mon Apr 20 20209,60030,978259,522N/AN/A1,208290,500
Sun Apr 19 202021,23430,333250,5677,200N/A1,166280,900
Sat Apr 18 20208,05228,963230,7037,200N/A1,072259,666
Fri Apr 17 20205,21427,528224,0867,200N/A985251,614
Thu Apr 16 202029,91426,182220,21813,200N/A890246,400
Wed Apr 15 202014,27824,424192,06213,200N/A821216,486
Tue Apr 14 202011,32623,338178,87013,200N/A758202,208
Mon Apr 13 202055422,348168,53413,200N/A687190,882
Sun Apr 12 202017,10921,794168,53413,200N/A651190,328
Sat Apr 11 20208,35620,615152,60413,200N/A609173,219
Fri Apr 10 20201,36319,472145,39113,900N/A541164,863
Thu Apr 9 202019,23618,309145,19114,100N/A492163,500
Wed Apr 8 202013,03516,957127,30714,600N/A442144,264
Tue Apr 7 202013,79815,865115,36414,100N/A374131,229
Mon Apr 6 202089814,336103,09515,000N/A343117,431
Sun Apr 5 20202,83313,438103,09515,000N/A319116,533
Sat Apr 4 202078,40012,026101,67413,000N/A276113,700
Fri Apr 3 20202,30010,70124,59959,500N/A23735,300
Thu Apr 2 20203,0739,19123,80959,500N/A20333,000
Wed Apr 1 20206738,15521,77257,400N/A17129,927
Tue Mar 31 20202,2587,48221,77257,400N/A15329,254
Mon Mar 30 20207396,44720,54964,400N/A13326,996
Sun Mar 29 20201,0655,70820,54964,400N/A12326,257
Sat Mar 28 20203,9334,64320,54964,400N/A10125,192
Fri Mar 27 20208733,87917,38057,400N/A7821,259
Thu Mar 26 20202,1103,00617,38057,400N/A6520,386
Wed Mar 25 20202,7222,35515,92148,600N/A5318,276
Tue Mar 24 20201,2542,10213,45212,100N/A4015,554
Mon Mar 23 20201,4601,73312,56712,100N/A2714,300
Sun Mar 22 20203121,53611,304N/AN/A2712,840
Sat Mar 21 20201,0411,27911,249N/AN/A2412,528
Fri Mar 20 20201,7761,06310,424N/AN/A2011,487
Thu Mar 19 20201,1199248,787N/AN/A189,711
Wed Mar 18 20201286117,981N/AN/A138,592
Tue Mar 17 20201484837,981N/AN/A118,464
Mon Mar 16 20207,1073357,981N/AN/A68,316
Sun Mar 15 202041293916N/AN/A51,209
Sat Mar 14 202050252916N/AN/A51,168
Fri Mar 13 20200202916N/AN/A41,118
Thu Mar 12 202045202916N/AN/A41,118
Wed Mar 11 2020250157916N/AN/AN/A1,073
Tue Mar 10 202019133690N/AN/AN/A823
Mon Mar 9 2020254114690N/AN/AN/A804
Sun Mar 8 20201988462N/AN/AN/A550
Sat Mar 7 2020969462N/AN/AN/A531
Fri Mar 6 2020760462N/AN/AN/A522
Thu Mar 5 2020053462N/AN/AN/A515
Wed Mar 4 2020N/A53462N/AN/AN/A515