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Positive includes deaths. Positives occasionally update before totals. We use the state's "as of" time as our Update Time. As of May 16, Georgia is reporting specimens tested. Because some people may be tested more than once, this number is probably higher than the number of people tested

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4:01 pm EDT
PositiveTestsNegativeTestsPendingTestsCurrentlyHospitalizedCumulativeHospitalizedCurrentlyIn ICUCumulativeIn ICUCurrentlyOn VentilatorCumulativeOn VentilatorRecoveredOutcomesDeathsOutcomesPositive + NegativeTotal Test Results
Last updated: Sat May 16 2020 1:00 pm EDT


DateScreenshots (EDT)New TestsPositiveNegativePendingHospitalizedDeathsTotal
Sat May 16 202019,19537,147283,922N/A6,7351,592321,069
Fri May 15 202015,99336,681265,193N/A6,4381,557301,874
Thu May 14 202011,97735,858250,023N/A6,3451,527285,881
Wed May 13 202011,72535,332238,572N/A6,2591,505273,904
Tue May 12 202010,89134,635227,544N/A6,1301,461262,179
Mon May 11 20207,74133,927217,361N/A6,0151,441251,288
Sun May 10 20208,22333,441210,106N/A5,9971,405243,547
Sat May 9 20207,75732,532202,792N/A5,9871,400235,324
Fri May 8 202010,26432,106195,461N/A5,9351,377227,567
Thu May 7 202013,16631,439185,864N/A5,8351,336217,303
Wed May 6 20203,25430,696173,441N/A5,7651,311204,137
Tue May 5 202017,55829,711171,172N/A5,6341,288200,883
Mon May 4 20208,22929,368153,957N/A5,5261,222183,325
Sun May 3 202029628,602146,494N/A5,3931,177175,096
Sat May 2 20206,43328,306146,494N/A5,3871,174174,800
Fri May 1 202019,32327,270141,097N/A5,2691,154168,367
Thu Apr 30 20205,10526,155122,889N/A5,1561,120149,044
Wed Apr 29 20203,91925,572118,367N/A5,0561,093143,939
Tue Apr 28 202012,85124,615115,405N/A4,8141,026140,020
Mon Apr 27 20203,94623,913103,256N/A4,681971127,169
Sun Apr 26 20204,20923,40199,822N/A4,359912123,223
Sat Apr 25 202011,83822,69596,319N/A4,326904119,014
Fri Apr 24 20206,11422,14785,029N/A4,221892107,176
Thu Apr 23 20206,99021,51279,550N/A4,069872101,062
Wed Apr 22 20205,93220,74073,332N/A3,95983694,072
Tue Apr 21 20203,81219,88168,259N/A3,77979988,140
Mon Apr 20 20204,39518,94765,381N/A3,55073384,328
Sun Apr 19 20205,72518,30161,632N/A3,46468779,933
Sat Apr 18 20202,52417,66956,539N/A3,42067374,208
Fri Apr 17 20203,74517,19454,490N/A3,32465071,684
Thu Apr 16 20203,84915,66952,270N/A3,10858767,939
Wed Apr 15 20202,29514,98749,103N/A2,92255264,090
Tue Apr 14 20204,77414,22347,572N/A2,76950161,795
Mon Apr 13 20202,56813,31543,706N/A2,58946457,021
Sun Apr 12 20202,73812,45242,001N/A2,50543354,453
Sat Apr 11 20205,56812,15939,556N/A2,47942851,715
Fri Apr 10 20205,06211,48334,664N/A2,35141646,147
Thu Apr 9 20202,29810,56630,519N/A2,15937941,085
Wed Apr 8 20205,0749,90128,886N/A1,99336238,787
Tue Apr 7 20202,4398,81824,895N/A1,77432933,713
Mon Apr 6 20203,4427,31423,960N/A1,33222931,274
Sun Apr 5 20201,5386,64721,185N/A1,28321127,832
Sat Apr 4 20201,0296,16020,134N/A1,23920126,294
Fri Apr 3 20202,3085,83119,434N/A1,15818425,265
Thu Apr 2 20202,6315,34817,609N/A1,05616322,957
Wed Apr 1 20204,1454,63815,688N/A95213920,326
Tue Mar 31 20203,4573,92912,252N/A83311116,181
Mon Mar 30 20201602,8099,915N/A7078712,724
Sun Mar 29 20201,5132,6519,913N/A6668012,564
Sat Mar 28 20201,1862,3668,685N/A6176911,051
Fri Mar 27 20209392,0017,864N/A566649,865
Thu Mar 26 20202,7471,5257,401N/A473488,926
Wed Mar 25 20206951,2474,932N/A394406,179
Tue Mar 24 20204151,0264,458N/AN/A325,484
Mon Mar 23 20201,0497724,297N/AN/A255,069
Sun Mar 22 20209566003,420N/AN/A234,020
Sat Mar 21 20206785072,557N/AN/A143,064
Fri Mar 20 20205554201,966N/AN/A132,386
Thu Mar 19 20203232871,544N/AN/A101,831
Wed Mar 18 20201,3621971,311N/AN/A11,508
Tue Mar 17 202025146N/AN/AN/A1146
Mon Mar 16 202022121N/AN/AN/A1121
Sun Mar 15 20203399N/AN/AN/A199
Sat Mar 14 20202466N/AN/AN/A166
Fri Mar 13 20201142N/AN/AN/A142
Thu Mar 12 2020931N/AN/AN/AN/A31
Wed Mar 11 2020522N/AN/AN/AN/A22
Tue Mar 10 2020517N/AN/AN/AN/A17
Mon Mar 9 2020512N/AN/AN/AN/A12
Sun Mar 8 202017N/AN/AN/AN/A7
Sat Mar 7 202046N/AN/AN/AN/A6
Fri Mar 6 202002N/AN/AN/AN/A2
Thu Mar 5 202002N/AN/AN/AN/A2
Wed Mar 4 2020N/A2N/AN/AN/AN/A2