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Current data quality grade:Grade A+

Michigan has reported each day's negative results since 3/10 but has never totaled them. We sum all the negative results and report the total. Michigan reports specimens tested instead of people tested. Recovered counts are updated once a week. As of May 16, Michigan uses 'total specimens' reported on lab testing page

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4:01 pm EDT
PositiveTestsNegativeTestsPendingTestsCurrentlyHospitalizedCumulativeHospitalizedCurrentlyIn ICUCumulativeIn ICUCurrentlyOn VentilatorCumulativeOn VentilatorRecoveredOutcomesDeathsOutcomesPositive + NegativeTotal Test Results
Last updated: Sat May 16 2020 11:00 am EDT


DateScreenshots (EDT)New TestsPositiveNegativePendingHospitalizedDeathsTotal
Sat May 16 202042550,504307,417N/AN/A4,880357,921
Fri May 15 202021,61350,079307,417N/AN/A4,825357,496
Thu May 14 202027,62349,582286,301N/AN/A4,787335,883
Wed May 13 202037048,391259,869N/AN/A4,714308,260
Tue May 12 20208,94248,021259,869N/AN/A4,674307,890
Mon May 11 202013,27047,552251,396N/AN/A4,584298,948
Sun May 10 202012,19247,138238,540N/AN/A4,551285,678
Sat May 9 202013,23346,756226,730N/AN/A4,526273,486
Fri May 8 202013,19146,326213,927N/AN/A4,393260,253
Thu May 7 202013,83145,646201,416N/AN/A4,343247,062
Wed May 6 202010,39545,054188,177N/AN/A4,250233,231
Tue May 5 202044744,397178,439N/AN/A4,179222,836
Mon May 4 20209,85743,950178,439N/AN/A4,049222,389
Sun May 3 202010,82343,754168,778N/AN/A4,049212,532
Sat May 2 202011,20443,207158,502N/AN/A4,020201,709
Fri May 1 202010,23842,356148,149N/AN/A3,866190,505
Thu Apr 30 20207,91541,379138,888N/AN/A3,789180,267
Wed Apr 29 20207,54740,399131,953N/AN/A3,670172,352
Tue Apr 28 20207,04539,262125,543N/AN/A3,567164,805
Mon Apr 27 20206,75438,210119,550N/AN/A3,407157,760
Sun Apr 26 20206,96237,778113,228N/AN/A3,315151,006
Sat Apr 25 20207,74837,203106,841N/AN/A3,274144,044
Fri Apr 24 20207,97536,64199,655N/AN/A3,085136,296
Thu Apr 23 202010,09635,29193,030N/AN/A2,977128,321
Wed Apr 22 202099933,96684,259N/AN/A2,813118,225
Tue Apr 21 20203,42832,96784,259N/AN/A2,700117,226
Mon Apr 20 20204,13732,00081,798N/AN/A2,468113,798
Sun Apr 19 20209,93431,42478,237N/AN/A2,391109,661
Sat Apr 18 202076830,79168,936N/AN/A2,30899,727
Fri Apr 17 20204,67330,02368,936N/AN/A2,22798,959
Thu Apr 16 20204,58929,26365,023N/AN/A2,09394,286
Wed Apr 15 20203,47128,05961,638N/AN/A1,92189,697
Tue Apr 14 20203,58227,00159,225N/AN/A1,76886,226
Mon Apr 13 20203,20725,63557,009N/AN/A1,60282,644
Sun Apr 12 20203,42324,63854,799N/AN/A1,48779,437
Sat Apr 11 20203,97023,99352,021N/AN/A1,39276,014
Fri Apr 10 20204,99022,78349,261N/AN/A1,28172,044
Thu Apr 9 202091521,50445,550N/AN/A1,07667,054
Wed Apr 8 202076620,58945,550N/AN/A95966,139
Tue Apr 7 20203,40319,82345,550N/AN/A84565,373
Mon Apr 6 20204,07218,85043,120N/AN/A72761,970
Sun Apr 5 20204,09817,56740,331N/AN/A61757,898
Sat Apr 4 20204,87816,39537,405N/AN/A54053,800
Fri Apr 3 20204,43715,25233,670N/AN/A47948,922
Thu Apr 2 20204,36014,11730,368N/AN/A41744,485
Wed Apr 1 20204,27112,88827,237N/AN/A33740,125
Tue Mar 31 20203,77011,87523,979N/AN/A25935,854
Mon Mar 30 20206,39810,90121,183N/AN/A18432,084
Sun Mar 29 20202,21610,01015,676N/AN/A13225,686
Sat Mar 28 20202,1729,28714,183N/AN/A9223,470
Fri Mar 27 20203,2268,65912,639N/AN/A9221,298
Thu Mar 26 20203,4757,76710,305N/AN/A6018,072
Wed Mar 25 20202,3607,0607,537N/AN/A4314,597
Tue Mar 24 20201,7516,4415,796N/AN/A2412,237
Mon Mar 23 20201,6765,7894,697N/AN/A1510,486
Sun Mar 22 20205715,0983,712N/AN/A88,810
Sat Mar 21 20201,4664,5433,696N/AN/A58,239
Fri Mar 20 20201,5964,0272,746N/AN/A36,773
Thu Mar 19 20201,0493,3921,785N/AN/A35,177
Wed Mar 18 20201,1092,9131,215N/AN/AN/A4,128
Tue Mar 17 20208142,393626N/AN/AN/A3,019
Mon Mar 16 20205201,93327230N/AN/A2,205
Sun Mar 15 20202841,48020526N/AN/A1,685
Sat Mar 14 20203231,19620526N/AN/A1,401
Fri Mar 13 202028594513326N/AN/A1,078
Thu Mar 12 20202397029127N/AN/A793
Wed Mar 11 20201574975718N/AN/A554
Tue Mar 10 20201073583924N/AN/A397
Mon Mar 9 2020962543611N/AN/A290
Sun Mar 8 2020481682610N/AN/A194
Sat Mar 7 202040128189N/AN/A146
Fri Mar 6 2020269888N/AN/A106
Thu Mar 5 2020287280N/AN/A80
Wed Mar 4 20201852N/AN/AN/AN/A52
Tue Mar 3 20201634N/AN/AN/AN/A34
Mon Mar 2 2020918N/AN/AN/AN/A18
Sun Mar 1 2020N/A9N/AN/AN/AN/A9