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Current data quality grade:Grade B

Individual data fields have different update times; we use the latest as our "Last Update" time. Hospitalizations, ICU bed usage, and ventilator usage are reported as a percentage of total capacity in daily situation reports, but total capacity is not published, so we do not estimate those numbers. As of May 6, Nevada is reporting both specimens and people tested. We report positives and negatives based on the number of people tested.

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Last updated from our data:

4:01 pm EDT
PositiveTestsNegativeTestsPendingTestsCurrentlyHospitalizedCumulativeHospitalizedCurrentlyIn ICUCumulativeIn ICUCurrentlyOn VentilatorCumulativeOn VentilatorRecoveredOutcomesDeathsOutcomesPositive + NegativeTotal Test Results
Last updated: Sat May 16 2020 12:00 pm EDT


DateScreenshots (EDT)New TestsPositiveNegativePendingHospitalizedDeathsTotal
Sat May 16 20201,5186,66267,002N/AN/A34573,664
Fri May 15 20202,6626,61465,532N/AN/A33972,146
Thu May 14 20202,8126,49962,985N/AN/A33169,484
Wed May 13 20202,5976,39460,278N/AN/A32166,672
Tue May 12 20203,9916,31157,764N/AN/A31264,075
Mon May 11 20201,2756,15253,932N/AN/A30660,084
Sun May 10 20202,6986,09852,711N/AN/A30658,809
Sat May 9 20202,7676,02850,083N/AN/A30156,111
Fri May 8 20201,9875,88447,460N/AN/A29353,344
Thu May 7 20202,0825,76645,591N/AN/A28651,357
Wed May 6 20201,3915,66343,612N/AN/A27649,275
Tue May 5 20201,7185,59442,290N/AN/A26847,884
Mon May 4 20208975,49140,675N/AN/A26246,166
Sun May 3 20208825,42639,843N/AN/A25745,269
Sat May 2 20207925,31139,076N/AN/A25444,387
Fri May 1 20201,6095,22738,368N/AN/A24343,595
Thu Apr 30 20209584,99836,988N/AN/A23741,986
Wed Apr 29 20209094,89836,130N/AN/A23041,028
Tue Apr 28 20201,3064,80535,314N/AN/A21940,119
Mon Apr 27 20206274,69034,123N/AN/A20638,813
Sun Apr 26 20209784,60233,584N/AN/A20638,186
Sat Apr 25 20201,0164,53932,669N/AN/A20437,208
Fri Apr 24 20201,4434,39831,794N/AN/A19736,192
Thu Apr 23 20208614,20830,541N/AN/A18934,749
Wed Apr 22 20208334,08129,807N/AN/A17233,888
Tue Apr 21 20207083,93729,118N/AN/A16333,055
Mon Apr 20 20207493,83028,517N/AN/A15832,347
Sun Apr 19 20208473,72827,870N/AN/A15531,598
Sat Apr 18 20209893,62627,125N/AN/A15130,751
Fri Apr 17 20201,3113,52426,238N/AN/A14229,762
Thu Apr 16 20207963,32125,130N/AN/A13728,451
Wed Apr 15 20209943,21124,444N/AN/A13127,655
Tue Apr 14 20201,1973,08823,573N/AN/A12026,661
Mon Apr 13 20208532,97122,493N/AN/A11425,464
Sun Apr 12 20201,0242,83621,775N/AN/A11224,611
Sat Apr 11 20208382,70020,887N/AN/A10223,587
Fri Apr 10 20209782,58420,165N/AN/A8622,749
Thu Apr 9 20201,2052,45619,315N/AN/A8021,771
Wed Apr 8 20201,9272,31818,248N/AN/A7120,566
Tue Apr 7 20201,0102,08716,552N/AN/A5818,639
Mon Apr 6 20207981,95315,676N/AN/A4617,629
Sun Apr 5 20206681,83614,995N/AN/A4616,831
Sat Apr 4 20201,6311,74214,421N/AN/A4616,163
Fri Apr 3 20204861,51413,018N/AN/A4314,532
Thu Apr 2 20201,2481,45812,588N/AN/A3814,046
Wed Apr 1 20201,0041,27911,519N/AN/A2612,798
Tue Mar 31 20205791,11310,681N/AN/A1711,794
Mon Mar 30 20202,0651,00810,207N/AN/A1511,215
Sun Mar 29 20206287388,412N/AN/A149,150
Sat Mar 28 20201,8266217,901N/AN/A108,522
Fri Mar 27 20201,5795356,161N/AN/A106,696
Thu Mar 26 20205454204,697N/AN/A105,117
Wed Mar 25 20203403214,251N/AN/A64,572
Tue Mar 24 20204972783,954N/AN/A44,232
Mon Mar 23 20201,0972453,490N/AN/A43,735
Sun Mar 22 20201301902,448N/AN/A22,638
Sat Mar 21 20204071242,384N/AN/A22,508
Fri Mar 20 20203801091,992N/AN/A12,101
Thu Mar 19 20201,498951,626N/AN/A11,721
Wed Mar 18 2020055168N/AN/A1223
Tue Mar 17 20201055168N/AN/A1223
Mon Mar 16 20202445168N/AN/A1213
Sun Mar 15 2020121168164N/AN/A189
Sat Mar 14 2020920168N/AN/AN/A188
Fri Mar 13 2020411168N/AN/AN/A179
Thu Mar 12 202027168N/AN/AN/A175
Wed Mar 11 20201585168N/AN/AN/A173
Tue Mar 10 20200114N/AN/AN/A15
Mon Mar 9 20200114N/AN/AN/A15
Sun Mar 8 20200114N/AN/AN/A15
Sat Mar 7 20200114N/AN/AN/A15
Fri Mar 6 20200114N/AN/AN/A15
Thu Mar 5 2020N/A114N/AN/AN/A15