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Hospitalization from NMDH. Hospitalization count is people in New Mexico hospitals: it includes people who tested positive out of state but are hospitalized in New Mexico, and excludes New Mexicans who tested positive in state and transferred to a hospital out of state. As of April 27, New Mexico is reporting people tested.

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4:01 pm EDT
PositiveTestsNegativeTestsPendingTestsCurrentlyHospitalizedCumulativeHospitalizedCurrentlyIn ICUCumulativeIn ICUCurrentlyOn VentilatorCumulativeOn VentilatorRecoveredOutcomesDeathsOutcomesPositive + NegativeTotal Test Results
Last updated: Fri May 15 2020 6:01 pm EDT


DateScreenshots (EDT)New TestsPositiveNegativePendingHospitalizedDeathsTotal
Sat May 16 20204,8575,662118,796N/A886253124,458
Fri May 15 20204,5905,503114,098N/A886242119,601
Thu May 14 20204,7225,364109,647N/A886231115,011
Wed May 13 20203,5685,212105,077N/A886219110,289
Tue May 12 20204,2235,069101,652N/A886208106,721
Mon May 11 20205,4454,86397,635N/A789200102,498
Sun May 10 20203,7914,77892,275N/A78919197,053
Sat May 9 20204,2304,67388,589N/A78918193,262
Fri May 8 20203,3484,49384,539N/A76017289,032
Thu May 7 20202,4334,29181,393N/A68716985,684
Wed May 6 20201,5314,13879,113N/A68716283,251
Tue May 5 20203,7434,03177,689N/A66715681,720
Mon May 4 20203,0333,85074,127N/A58715177,977
Sun May 3 20203,8263,73271,212N/A58713974,944
Sat May 2 20203,2493,51367,605N/A58713171,118
Fri May 1 20202,7843,41164,458N/A53612367,869
Thu Apr 30 20203,3403,21361,872N/A53611265,085
Wed Apr 29 20202,9422,97458,771N/A50911061,745
Tue Apr 28 20202,1882,82355,980N/A48110458,803
Mon Apr 27 20202,8802,72653,889N/A4129956,615
Sun Apr 26 20202,2252,66051,075N/A4129353,735
Sat Apr 25 20204,9472,52148,989N/A4128451,510
Fri Apr 24 20205,3312,37944,184N/A3677846,563
Thu Apr 23 20203552,21039,022N/A3317141,232
Wed Apr 22 20202,1222,07238,805N/A3066540,877
Tue Apr 21 20201,7131,97136,784N/A2915838,755
Mon Apr 20 20204101,84535,197N/A2745537,042
Sun Apr 19 20201,0191,79834,834N/A2585336,632
Sat Apr 18 20201,1251,71133,902N/A2425135,613
Fri Apr 17 20201,0941,59732,891N/A2304434,488
Thu Apr 16 20205441,48431,910N/A2153633,394
Wed Apr 15 20208801,40731,443N/A1813632,850
Tue Apr 14 20201,4551,34530,625N/A1813131,970
Mon Apr 13 20201,8231,24529,270N/AN/A2630,515
Sun Apr 12 20201,5941,17427,518N/AN/A2028,692
Sat Apr 11 202001,09126,007N/AN/A1927,098
Fri Apr 10 20203,2911,09126,007N/AN/A1927,098
Thu Apr 9 20201,56286522,942N/AN/A1623,807
Wed Apr 8 202042079421,451N/AN/A1322,245
Tue Apr 7 20202,68968621,139N/AN/A1221,825
Mon Apr 6 20202,30862418,512N/AN/A1219,136
Sun Apr 5 20201,19654316,285N/AN/A1116,828
Sat Apr 4 202085449515,137N/AN/A1015,632
Fri Apr 3 202076740314,375N/AN/A714,778
Thu Apr 2 202077136313,648N/AN/A614,011
Wed Apr 1 202071331512,925N/AN/A513,240
Tue Mar 31 20201,34828112,246N/AN/A412,527
Mon Mar 30 202017323710,942N/AN/A211,179
Sun Mar 29 20201,61923710,769N/AN/A211,006
Sat Mar 28 20208741919,196N/AN/A19,387
Fri Mar 27 20207201368,377N/AN/A18,513
Thu Mar 26 20209511127,681N/AN/A17,793
Wed Mar 25 20208691006,742N/AN/A16,842
Tue Mar 24 2020587835,890N/AN/AN/A5,973
Mon Mar 23 2020607655,321N/AN/AN/A5,386
Sun Mar 22 2020951574,722N/AN/AN/A4,779
Sat Mar 21 202014573,771N/AN/AN/A3,828
Fri Mar 20 20201,017433,771N/AN/AN/A3,814
Thu Mar 19 2020443352,762N/AN/AN/A2,797
Wed Mar 18 20201,082282,326N/AN/AN/A2,354
Tue Mar 17 2020689231,249N/AN/AN/A1,272
Mon Mar 16 20208817566N/AN/AN/A583
Sun Mar 15 202024813482N/AN/AN/A495
Sat Mar 14 20204710237N/AN/AN/A247
Fri Mar 13 20204010190N/AN/AN/A200
Thu Mar 12 2020705155N/AN/AN/A160
Wed Mar 11 202021387N/AN/AN/A90
Tue Mar 10 202012069N/AN/AN/A69
Mon Mar 9 202090570N/AN/A57
Sun Mar 8 202000480N/AN/A48
Sat Mar 7 2020320480N/AN/A48
Fri Mar 6 2020N/A0160N/AN/A16