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Current data quality grade:Grade B

Death counts include both confirmed and presumed COVID deaths. When it is reported, we add inconclusive results to pending. Positive counts reflect individual who test positive, combining both molecular and serological tests. Negative counts haven't been reported since 4/23. Working to get numbers back

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Last updated from our data:

4:01 pm EDT
PositiveTestsNegativeTestsPendingTestsCurrentlyHospitalizedCumulativeHospitalizedCurrentlyIn ICUCumulativeIn ICUCurrentlyOn VentilatorCumulativeOn VentilatorRecoveredOutcomesDeathsOutcomesPositive + NegativeTotal Test Results
Last updated: Sat May 16 2020 4:59 am EDT


DateScreenshots (EDT)New TestsPositiveNegativePendingHospitalizedDeathsTotal
Sat May 16 2020472,589N/AN/AN/A1222,589
Fri May 15 20201152,542N/AN/AN/A1222,542
Thu May 14 2020982,427N/AN/AN/A1172,427
Wed May 13 2020302,329N/AN/AN/A1152,329
Tue May 12 2020432,299N/AN/AN/A1142,299
Mon May 11 2020582,256N/AN/AN/A1132,256
Sun May 10 2020252,198N/AN/AN/A1112,198
Sat May 9 2020172,173N/AN/AN/A1082,173
Fri May 8 20201252,156N/AN/AN/A1072,156
Thu May 7 2020632,031N/AN/AN/A1022,031
Wed May 6 2020-9,2691,968N/AN/AN/A991,968
Tue May 5 2020811,9249,313N/AN/A9911,237
Mon May 4 2020351,8439,313N/AN/A9711,156
Sun May 3 2020511,8089,313N/AN/A9711,121
Sat May 2 20201821,7579,313N/AN/A9511,070
Fri May 1 2020361,5759,313N/AN/A9210,888
Thu Apr 30 20201061,5399,313N/AN/A9210,852
Wed Apr 29 2020331,4339,3131,940N/A8610,746
Tue Apr 28 2020111,4009,3131,940N/A8610,713
Mon Apr 27 2020181,3899,3131,940N/A8410,702
Sun Apr 26 2020641,3719,3131,940N/A8410,684
Sat Apr 25 2020311,3079,3131,940N/A8310,620
Fri Apr 24 20203611,2769,3131,940N/A7710,589
Thu Apr 23 20204719159,3131,951N/A6910,228
Wed Apr 22 2020-3309158,8421,954N/A679,757
Tue Apr 21 20203491,2988,7891,761N/A6410,087
Mon Apr 20 20202451,2528,4861,895N/A639,738
Sun Apr 19 20203201,2138,2801,839N/A629,493
Sat Apr 18 20202411,1188,0551,760N/A609,173
Fri Apr 17 20205741,0687,8641,478N/A588,932
Thu Apr 16 20205591,0437,3151,465N/A568,358
Wed Apr 15 20205929746,8251,410N/A517,799
Tue Apr 14 20203449236,2841,322N/A457,207
Mon Apr 13 20201479035,9601,288N/A456,863
Sun Apr 12 20203458975,8191,251N/A446,716
Sat Apr 11 20205257885,5831,332N/A426,371
Fri Apr 10 20204607255,1211,392N/A395,846
Thu Apr 9 20205006834,7031,304N/A335,386
Wed Apr 8 20203476204,2661,160N/A244,886
Tue Apr 7 20205945733,966968N/A234,539
Mon Apr 6 20203975133,4321,000N/A213,945
Sun Apr 5 20204914753,0731,039N/A203,548
Sat Apr 4 20206304522,6051,129N/A183,057
Fri Apr 3 20205073782,0491,055N/A152,427
Thu Apr 2 20202253161,6041,119N/A121,920
Wed Apr 1 20202612861,409897N/A111,695
Tue Mar 31 20203292391,195854N/A81,434
Mon Mar 30 2020137174931794N/A61,105
Sun Mar 29 2020129127841817N/A5968
Sat Mar 28 2020241100739792N/A3839
Fri Mar 27 202015779519334N/A3598
Thu Mar 26 20207364377335N/A2441
Wed Mar 25 2020615131770N/A2368
Tue Mar 24 2020873926842N/A2307
Mon Mar 23 2020143118935N/A2220
Sun Mar 22 2020422318369N/A1206
Sat Mar 21 2020362114371N/AN/A164
Fri Mar 20 2020671411452N/AN/A128
Thu Mar 19 20202555629N/AN/A61
Wed Mar 18 20201853121N/AN/A36
Tue Mar 17 202045134N/AN/A18
Mon Mar 16 2020N/A59N/AN/AN/A14