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Current data quality grade:Grade B

Negatives = Total - Positive. The week of April 6, WY began separating confirmed & suspected cases; we now report only confirmed. From April 7 to April 13, our recovered count may be slightly high, as WY combined recovered confirmed cases + recovered probable cases. On April 22, total tests were revised down, resulting in a decrease in negatives. As of May 16, Wyoming is reporting specimens tested. Because some people may be tested more than once, this number is probably higher than the number of people tested

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4:01 pm EDT
PositiveTestsNegativeTestsPendingTestsCurrentlyHospitalizedCumulativeHospitalizedCurrentlyIn ICUCumulativeIn ICUCurrentlyOn VentilatorCumulativeOn VentilatorRecoveredOutcomesDeathsOutcomesPositive + NegativeTotal Test Results
Last updated: Fri May 15 2020 4:20 pm EDT


DateScreenshots (EDT)New TestsPositiveNegativePendingHospitalizedDeathsTotal
Sat May 16 202037271615,678N/A69716,394
Fri May 15 202059271515,307N/A68716,022
Thu May 14 202037170114,729N/A67715,430
Wed May 13 2020067514,384N/A67715,059
Tue May 12 20202,99467514,384N/A67715,059
Mon May 11 2020166211,403N/A66712,065
Sun May 10 20201766111,403N/A65712,064
Sat May 9 2020964411,403N/A64712,047
Fri May 8 2020463511,403N/A60712,038
Thu May 7 20202763111,403N/A59712,034
Wed May 6 20201,09260411,403N/A60712,007
Tue May 5 202046159610,319N/A60710,915
Mon May 4 20202355869,868N/A60710,454
Sun May 3 20201905799,640N/A60710,219
Sat May 2 20203345669,463N/A58710,029
Fri May 1 20202495599,136N/A5679,695
Thu Apr 30 20202295448,902N/A5679,446
Wed Apr 29 20206025368,681N/A5679,217
Tue Apr 28 20204483898,226N/A5678,615
Mon Apr 27 202083707,797N/A5478,167
Sun Apr 26 2020133627,797N/A5478,159
Sat Apr 25 20201013497,797N/A5478,146
Fri Apr 24 20204783497,696N/A5478,045
Thu Apr 23 2020-563267,241N/A5277,567
Wed Apr 22 202023227,301N/A5267,623
Tue Apr 21 20202353207,301N/A5267,621
Mon Apr 20 20201053137,073N/A5127,386
Sun Apr 19 20207593096,972N/A5027,281
Sat Apr 18 2020953056,217N/A5026,522
Fri Apr 17 202002966,131N/A4326,427
Thu Apr 16 2020982966,131N/A4326,427
Wed Apr 15 20203652876,042N/A4326,329
Tue Apr 14 202002755,689N/A4315,964
Mon Apr 13 20205052755,689N/A4115,964
Sun Apr 12 202002615,198N/A4005,459
Sat Apr 11 20204702615,198N/A3705,459
Fri Apr 10 20208392534,736N/A3704,989
Thu Apr 9 2020862303,920N/A3404,150
Wed Apr 8 2020592213,843N/A3304,064
Tue Apr 7 2020762163,789N/A3304,005
Mon Apr 6 20206922103,719N/A2303,929
Sun Apr 5 20201051973,040N/A2303,237
Sat Apr 4 20202661872,945N/A2303,132
Fri Apr 3 20202771622,704N/A2102,866
Thu Apr 2 20202411502,439N/A1902,589
Wed Apr 1 20202401302,218N/A1802,348
Tue Mar 31 20201741091,999N/A1702,108
Mon Mar 30 2020294941,840N/A1701,934
Sun Mar 29 202083861,554N/A1501,640
Sat Mar 28 2020276821,475N/A1401,557
Fri Mar 27 2020176701,211N/A1101,281
Thu Mar 26 2020107531,052N/AN/AN/A1,105
Wed Mar 25 202025944954N/AN/AN/A998
Tue Mar 24 202012129710N/AN/AN/A739
Mon Mar 23 202015626592N/AN/AN/A618
Sun Mar 22 2020124438N/AN/AN/A462
Sat Mar 21 202011123438N/AN/AN/A461
Fri Mar 20 20206119331N/AN/AN/A350
Thu Mar 19 20209618271N/AN/AN/A289
Wed Mar 18 20208815178N/AN/AN/A193
Tue Mar 17 20201021095N/AN/AN/A105
Mon Mar 16 202003N/AN/AN/AN/A3
Sun Mar 15 202013N/AN/AN/AN/A3
Sat Mar 14 202012N/AN/AN/AN/A2
Fri Mar 13 202001N/AN/AN/AN/A1
Thu Mar 12 202011N/AN/AN/AN/A1
Wed Mar 11 202000N/AN/AN/AN/A0
Tue Mar 10 20200000N/AN/A0
Mon Mar 9 202000N/AN/AN/AN/A0
Sun Mar 8 202000N/AN/AN/AN/A0
Sat Mar 7 2020N/A0N/AN/AN/AN/A0